About Me

Hello! I'm Brandon Liu, a junior data science major at UC San Diego. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me!

I've done many projects in both data science and computer science fields. When it comes to my specialties as a data scientist, I try to dabble in everything whether it be NLP or Image Processing, but my main interest lies in Machine Learning. In the CS field, I did game development for a while and got a lot of experience with software engineering through that pathway. All projects related to these fields can be found under the Projects tab in the left menu.

In the summer of 2021, I interned at OrangeSky, a startup focused on DeFi, and developed their CLI for traders. I also created a sentiment analysis program to compare the scores of different models against the prices of different coins. As of now, I am working on making my own sentiment analysis model focused solely on cryptocurrency posts on social media.

I've also had experience teaching elementary school students computer science topics, covering topics ranging from basic variable/syntax all the way to OOP.

As for my personal life, I love to cook and golf in my spare time, and when I'm at home my corgi Wasabi keeps me company.

Thanks for reading. If you need/want to reach out, my contact information can be found under the Contact tab in the left menu. I hope to hear from you soon!